Serioss - Bone Tissue Regeneration with Silk


Excellence In Bone Repair

Serioss is an osteoconductive bone void filler powered by silk protein that can be used to fill cavities in bone caused by trauma, infection, cancer, etc. Serioss provides the appropriate environment for bone cells to thrive and function! In animal and lab studies, Serioss has outperformed leading global ceramic-based bone void fillers with 2X improvement in all bone repair parameters, thereby reducing post-surgical complications.

Unmet Need

Serioss addresses the unmet need for a synthetic bone void filler with performance like an autograft (patient’s own bone from another location).
Serioss by Serigen Mediproducts

Applications of Serioss

Our novel silk protein-based bone void filler is suitable for filling bone cavities caused by –

USPs of Serioss

Our breakthrough osteoconductive bone void filler channels the unique properties of silk protein to offer the following benefits that lead to excellent new bone formation and reduce post-surgical complications –

Optimum Pore Size & Porosity

Silk-based scaffold has the optimum pore size & porosity for cells to infiltrate, proliferate, and function.

Excellent Osteoconductivity

Supports proliferation and functioning of bone cells resulting in 2X better bone repair compared to leading global products

Diverse configurations

Serioss is available in a variety of forms, including putty, powder, blocks, pellets, and wedges, for diverse clinical applications.

Synchronized Resorption

Rate of dissolution/resorption aligned with the rate of new bone formation.


Excellent biocompatibility tested as per global standards (ISO 10993)

Ideal Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties comparable to natural bone.

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World's first company to
use Silk bone repair

World's first company to use Silk bone repair

Successful completion of Serioss® Pilot Clinical trial