Seriderm - Non-adherent wound dressing


Accelerated Wound Healing

Seriderm is a non-adherent, absorbent wound dressing designed using silk protein for accelerated wound healing. It promotes faster and efficient healing of complex wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, bed sores, and second-degree burns. In lab and animal studies, Seriderm has outperformed leading global products in all wound healing parameters. It has also demonstrated superior wound healing in clinical settings.

Seriderm is available as single-use disposable dressings sterilized by EO.
Seriderm - Non-adherent wound dressing

Unmet Need

Seriderm addresses the unmet need for an advanced wound care product that is non-adherent, absorbent, and promotes faster wound healing.
Seriderm - Advanced wound dressing - different sizes
Advanced wound dressing

Applications of Seriderm®

Our novel silk protein-based wound dressing is suitable for the treatment of the following wounds –

USPs of Seriderm®

Unique surface morphology

Seriderm is characterized by unique surface morphology that ensures complete non-adherence and excellent absorption.


Seriderm does not adhere to the wound and enhances the ease of pain-free application and removal of the dressing. Therefore, it is a seamless and fuss-free wound dressing solution.


Seriderm displays high absorbance, with the capability to absorb exudate >900% of its weight. Therefore, It keeps the wound environment clean and irritation-free.

Optimal Moisture Maintenance

Seriderm maintains optimal moisture at the wound environment for better healing, with a moisture vapour transmission rate >1000 g/m²/24h.

Improved Vasculature & Granulation Tissue Formation

Seriderm’s novel composition contains silk proteins, which modulate cellular pathways resulting in better vasculature and granulation tissue formation for expedited wound healing, as per our animal studies.

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