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Elevating Healthcare: Serigen's Silk-Infused Revolution

Serigen, formerly known as BiolMed Innovations, is an innovation-driven, tissue regeneration products company, founded with the vision to become a global leader in biomedical devices. We leverage the materials science of natural silk proteins to develop novel biomedical products that serve the clinical needs of diverse patient communities.
Serigen Mediproducts Team

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Serioss is an osteoconductive bone void filler powered by silk protein that can be used to fill cavities in bone caused by trauma, infection, cancer, etc. Serioss provides the appropriate environment for bone cells to thrive and function!
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Seriderm is a non-adherent, absorbent wound dressing designed using silk protein for accelerated wound healing. It promotes faster and efficient healing of complex wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, bed sores, and second-degree burns.
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Serimat is a silk protein-based matrix engineered to promote soft tissue regeneration. Its unique design ensures appropriate surface texture, suitable pore size and porosity, and excellent mechanical properties.
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Awards and Recognitions


The 'Seri' Technology

Mastery of materials science in natural silk proteins

At Serigen, we have developed innovative processing protocols to transform silk threads into a solution that can be structured and shaped into various forms to create a varied range of biomedical products.
Silk protein in biomedical products
Silk protein in biomedical products
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Innovative Solutions:

Leaders in cutting-edge tissue regeneration, providing next-gen products with a focus on silk proteins.

Silk Legacy:

Tapping into silk's historic use in medicine, we combine tradition with modern technology for safe and effective solutions.

Pioneering Protocols:

Our patented processing transforms silk threads into versatile solutions, showcasing our commitment to innovation.

Expert Team:

A diverse team from top institutes, adhering to ISO 13485 standards, ensuring quality and academic excellence.

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