silver ion antimicrobial dressing


Broad-Spectrum Protection, Reliable Healing

Seriderm® Ag is a complete wound healing solution powered by 98% silk protein and silver ions.

Seriderm® Ag offers accelerated wound healing and combats infections in a wide range of infected or high-risk wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers, bed sores, and second-degree burns.

silver ion antimicrobial dressing

Unmet Need

Seriderm® Ag addresses the unmet need for an advanced wound care product that is non-adherent, absorbent and promotes faster wound healing while tackling wound infections or a high risk of wound infections.
Seriderm - Advanced wound dressing - different sizes
applications of silver ion wound dressing

Applications of Seriderm® Ag

Our novel silver ion and silk protein-based wound dressing is suitable for the treatment of a wide range of infected or high-risk wounds, including –

USPs of Seriderm® Ag

Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Protection

Seriderm® Ag exhibits broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against a wide range of wound-related microorganisms, including multi-drug resistant organisms.

Sustained Silver Release

Seriderm® Ag is designed for the sustained release of silver ions over 7 days, extending antimicrobial protection and reducing the need for frequent dressing changes.

Faster Healing Powered By Silk

The novel silk-based composition of Seriderm® Ag modulates cellular pathways resulting in better vasculature and granulation tissue formation for expedited wound healing and reduction of inflammatory markers in wounds.

Moist Wound Healing Environment

Seriderm® Ag can absorb >900% of its weight and maintains optimal moisture at the wound environment for accelerated healing, with a moisture vapour transmission rate >1000 g/m²/24h.

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